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About Us

Text Box: Our Societyís Background: 

Over the past few years many of our friends and current members have contributed their time and resources to the Iranian American community.  The following is a sample of their accomplishments:

Organizing the celebration of Norouz in the past few years with hundreds of attendees.

Organizing social activities such as Picnics and other gatherings

Farsi classes for our kids during the last several years with astonishing results.

Fundraising for the victims of Bam earthquake

Educating the community about Central Virginia Iranians and Persian culture by publishing articles in Richmond Times Dispatch, and conducting interviews with NBC12.

Organizing sports activities for adults and children. Participating in the adult soccer league.


Please read about our past events


Why a formal society? Why not continue with what we were doing in the past?

This is a very good question.† In the past we have relied on individuals to take the leadership and initiate the activities such as organizing Norouz.† While we have had a tremendous success considering the size of the Iranian community here in Central Virginia, there were occasions when we fell short.† One example is the Norouz party that didnít take place in 2004.† Had we had a formal organization with the mandate to organize Norouz or other activities, we would not have waited for one another to see who will organize Norouz this time.† As a result, around February of 2004 the ideas started to flow about creating a formal society to continue the work that was done in the past.† The result was the creation of Central Virginia Iranian American Society (CVIAS).† Please join, have your voices heard and contribute to our society.

Central Virginia Iranian American Society

Promoting and Appreciating Persian Culture