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Previous CVIAS Events

Yalda Party 2015

Yalda party was held on Saturday December 12 at the  Woodlake club house. Over thirty families attended the party with their delicious home made Persian dishes to celebrate Yalda. The party started at 6:30pm when guests started arriving, and it ended at 10:30pm with music and dance.  



Halloween Party 2015

The Halloween party was held on Friday October 30th at the Windom club house. It was a great display of customs with music, food and fun.



Mehregan Picnic 2015

Mehregan picnic was held on Saturday September, 26 at the Deep Run Park. Although it was a rainy day, but about 30 people showed up. This was a potluck event where families had prepared their favorite Persian dishes and shared them with others. The picnic provided a rare opportunity for everyone to see and chit chat with friends. This family friendly event ended at about 5 pm.


CVIAS General Meeting and Annual Election 2015-2016

CVIAS Board of Directors held its General Meeting and Annual Election on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at Tuckahoe Public Library. The meeting was attended by a number of members who voted for the new board.



Sizdah-Be-Dar 2015


Sizdah Be-dar picnic was held on Saturday April 4th at the Deep Run Park. This was a potluck event where guests brought variety of ethnic dishes. This was a fun filed day with many families who participated and made it a memorable day.



2015 Norouz New Year Celebration


The 2015 Norouz celebration was held on Friday March 20 at the Richmond Omni Hotel to start the Persian New Year.  About 240 adults, youth and children enjoyed presentations, dinner, DJ music, and dance.


There was a live Persian classical music performance presented by Dr. Tourage Rafeei, Mr. Amin Mirshahi, and Mr. Ali Zebhideh.


This year’s event coincided with Sal-e Tahvilسال تحویل) ), the exact time for the turn of solar calendar year and beginning of spring which happened at 6:45pm with many guests present at the Omni Hotel to mark the start of new Persian year together.     


Yalda Party 2014

The last day of the Persian month Azar is the longest night of the year when the start of the solar year has been marked in most ancient cultures, including Persia, to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and the renewal of the Sun. "Yalda" is a celebration of Winter Solstice. CVIAS's annual Yalda party was held on Saturday Dec. 6th at the Wyndom club house from 6:00 to 11:00pm.


More than 40 families attended the party where they enjoyed live Persian music, variety of ethnic food with watermelon and pastries for desert and ended the party with music and dance.


Halloween Party

The Halloween party was held on Nov. 1st at the Windom club house. It was a great display of customs with music, food and fun.
















جشن مهرگان                               

Mehregan picnic was held on Saturday October 4th, 2014 at the Echo Lake park.

This was a potluck event in which over fifty people attended. There was Volley

ball game, music, and friendly chit chat all through the event. Lunch was a variety

of ethnic Persian rice dishes with two kinds of soups (Ash) and plenty of cookies

and cake for desert. At the end, there was a short presentation of live Persian

classical Music.


سیزده بدر


Sizdah Be-dar picnic was held on Saturday March 29th at the Deep Run Park. Although it was a rainy day but over 20 families (about 50 people) showed up with food and drinks setup under two reserved shelters.



2014 Norouz New Year Party


The 2014 Norouz party was held on Friday March 21 at the Richmond Omni Hotel to celebrate the start of the Persian New Year.  About 240 adults, youth and children enjoyed DJ music, dance, presentations, dinner, desert and drinks.


There were live dance and Persian classical music performances. The female dance group from VCU Persian student association performed several short Persian dance pieces and the classical music performance was presented by Dr. Tourage Rafeei, Mr. Amin Mirshahi, Mr. Arman Khalatbari, Mr. Ali Zebhideh, and Mr. Reza Sarlak.


Yalda Night 2013


The Yalda party was held on Saturday December 14, 2013 at the Brandermill club house. This potluck party was attended by about 100 adults and kids. The event included live Persian classical music, DJ, and Dance.  Attendees brought various dishes to share while CVIAS provided soft drinks, hot tea, utensils as well as Persian sweets.  Thank you to all who volunteered to decorate and set up the place as well as cleaning up after the party.  Special thanks to Dr. Tourage Rafeei, and Mr. Amin Mirshahi for an excellent musical performance. Also the board would like to recognize Shelia and Omid for their presentation on the significance of Yalda Night in Persian culture.  



CVIAS Board of Director Meeting

The annual board meeting was held on Saturday 9/7/13 when the new board members were elected.












 Incredible Isfahan (The movie)


"Incredible Isfahan" narrates the glory of Safavid era

The collection of "Incredible Isfahan", which introduces the history city, illustrates Isfahan during the Sassanid, Great Seljuq and the glorious Safavid Empire. The book is adorned with an introduction penned by prominent Iranian philosopher Seyyed Hossein Nasr. Besides his point of views the book contains the opinions of other international professors as well as noted Iranian artists. Moreover the book interestingly and individually recreates Isfahan's historical sites which are totally or partly ruined thus the book will be amusing for the readers who have frequently visited the city as the reconstructions can be fascinating for those who live in Isfahan as well.

Places including Isfahan's Atiq Square, individual Ali Ghapoo Palace (according to old evidences and photos) as well as the Mirror Hall were reconstructed. The movie of Incredible Isfahan is narrated by noted Iranian actor Amin Tarokh.

About the Author
Farzin Rezaean, the book's author, director and producer is a graduate of Illinois University. Following his academic studies he worked on Iran's civilization and arts. During the past 20 years he has worked on research, compiling texts and directing documentary movies, some of which presented by national and international awards



Persian Poetry Nights

شب شعر

Date/Time:  Thursday, 02/23/2012 — 7 to 8:30 PM.

Twin Hickory Library

 5001 Twin Hickory Rd

Glen Allen, VA 23059

Bring your favorite Persian poem and share it with others.

Light refreshments will be served

Please inform anyone who might be interested. We invite all interested friends to attend this cultural program



IRAN: Seven Faces of a Civilization (The movie)


About the movie:

"Drawing on historical and archeological evidence, this fascinating documentary by Dr. Farzin Rezaeian reconstructs 7,000 years of Iranian history. The film's advanced animation techniques bring ancient wonders to life, giving an unprecedented look at Iran's historical and cultural achievements."

In his accompanying book, Rezaeian has reconstructed the major monuments from S-even key periods in Iranian history, bringing to life the settings in which Iranian civilization developed and the context through which the greatest figures of Iranian history, from Cyrus the Great (the Achaemenid Emperor) to Shah Abbas (the Safavid King), can be understood

"Farzin Rezaeian is an award-winning documentary and educational film producer and director. For the past twenty years, he has researched and written for many educational and documentary films that he has produced or directed at Sunrise Film Productions"



CVIAS Celebrates Halloween

 At Deep Run Park:

Deep Run Recreation Center

9910 Ridgefield Pkwy, Henrico, VA 23233

Date: Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time: 6-11 p.m.

Tickets: $5 (7 years or older)

With Pizza, soft drinks, and hot tea!



Mehregan Picnic Party

Saturday, October 8, 2011– 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

 At Deep Run Park: Shelters 1 & 2

9900 Ridgefield Pkwy, Richmond, VA 23233

This is a potluck event. Please bring a dish to share with friends and family.



CVIAS Presents:

“What You Need to Know about U.S. Sanctions on Iran”

Guest Speaker: Mr. Farhad R. Alavi, Partner, BHFA Law Group, PLLC, Washington, DC

Date: Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time: 3-4:30 p.m.


Tuckahoe Public Library
1901 Starling Drive  

Henrico, VA 23229-4564
(804) 290-9100

This event is FREE and open to all CVIAS members, and the Richmond community.


Due to limited space availability, RSVPs are REQUIRED for this event. Please send RSVP to CVIAS@COMCAST.NET by Thursday, September 15, 2011.


U.S. sanctions laws require all “United States persons” to obtain authorization from the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) before engaging in nearly all personal and commercial transactions with or in Iran.  This one-hour discussion with a question and answer period is aimed at answering some important and exceptionally common questions, and will be beneficial to all those considering engaging in any type of personal transaction in or related to Iran.  

Topics covered:

§  A basic outline of the application of U.S. sanctions on commercial and personal transactions with respect to Iran, including trade limitations and exceptions.

§  OFAC licensing requirements for selling personal property in Iran, hiring lawyers to pursue claims in Iranian courts, granting powers of attorney to relatives in Iran, and an overview of the process for seeking authorization before engaging in such personal transactions.

§  Regulations and restrictions governing the transfer of Iranian-origin funds and related banking issues.

About Mr. Farhad R. Alavi:

Farhad R. Alavi is a partner at BHFA Law Group, PLLC, Washington, DC.  His practice focuses on international and domestic corporate matters including multinational investment, transnational banking & finance, as well as sophisticated trade issues, including U.S. sanctions laws, export controls, and anti-corruption regulations. Mr. Alavi has been quoted by various international media and has appeared on BBC Persian.   Mr. Alavi received his B.A. in Economics and International Relations from Tufts University, his J.D. from George Mason University School of Law, and his LL.M. in Banking & Financial Law from Boston University School of Law.  He is admitted in Maryland and the District of Columbia.




Movie Nights:


Persepolis Recreated


Thursday July 14 –6:30 PM


Tuckahoe Library


Doors will be closed at 7:00 PM 


Space limited to the first 80 persons (12 years or older). Please arrive on time. 



Annual Elections

انتخابات سالانه


CVIAS Annual elections will be held at:

Twin Hickory Library: Meeting Room

5001 Twin Hickory Road, Glen Allen, VA

Central Virginia Iranian American Society

Promoting and Appreciating Persian Culture